Whose un-payable medical bills does RIP forgive?

Individuals or families who make less than 2 times the federal poverty level (currently $25,750)

Individuals with financial hardship - 5% or more of their annual income go to out-of-pocket medical expenses

Insolvent individuals (debts greater than their assets)

Christians for Southwest Florida has already raised funds and purchased $3M of medical al debt in Lee County.

2,603 families will be receiving by mail, a wonderful gift, a YELLOW ENVELOPE containing a letter informing them that their medical debt has been abolished.


It really is good news.

If you received a yellow envelope, we would love to hear from you

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE YELLOW ENVELOPE! In March there will be more Yellow Envelopes delivered to Collier and Charlotte County notifying you of your debt relief.


To bless our neighbors by relieving the stress of unpaid medical expenses.

To unite the Christian community across all expressions of faith to work for the community’s common good.

To exercise grace by purchasing debt and forgiving it without asking anything in return.

To use the principal of “5 loaves & 2 fish” to take a little and benefit many. $1 = $100!

The Good News